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2013 Executive Vision - The Digital Frontier, What it Takes to Win!


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2013 Executive Vision - The Digital Frontier, What it Takes to Win!
2012 Keynote Presentation - Know Your Customer Before They Do!
2012 CIO Thought Leadership - Technology Strategies for Big Data Analytics
Leveraging Analytics to Manage Risk and Obtain Competitive Advantage
Thought Leadership Session - High Performance Analytics
Marc Gordon Keynote Presentation
Cloud Computing - The Business Human and Technology Transformation
The Common Credentials Dilemma
Using Analytics to Thrive in the New Reality
The Role of the CIO at ING DIRECT Canada


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Experience Counts Experience Counts: In the pursuit of loyal customers, expectations are high – and the stakes are even higher. A new customer is hard to acquire, yet easy to lose. Take exceptional care of them, and they’ll stick around and praise your brand. Frustrate or ignore them, and they’ll quickly leave and condemn your brand. At KANA, we know that every experience counts. We know every channel customers use to communicate with you and about your brand.

Insurance Companies Are Falling Behind In Delivering Modern Communications Forrester Research drilled into top communication priorities, pain points, objectives, and implementation challenges that insurance organizations are experiencing and received consistent responses. Supporting modern communications is a top priority for the insurance industry. Enterprises surveyed mostly communicate with customers using legacy approaches, but all are worried about smart devices, pervasive video, and social media that give new power to customers — allowing them to interact easily with customer service agents, pass information electronically, and complete business transactions on the run.

Box General Overview Manage your content in the cloud by combining the core features of traditional content management with the usability of typical online collaboration software, Box is reinventing how businesses share, manage, and access all of their content with Cloud Content Management.

Cloud Economics: A Financial Analysis of Information Management IT Delivery Models Cloud Economics: A Financial Analysis of Information Management IT Delivery Models - In this White Paper, sponsored by Viewpointe LLC, IDC presents the economics of cloud-delivered information management services via dedicated private cloud infrastructure for midsize and large enterprise datacenters. IDC utilized data from its Business Value Strategy practice to develop an analysis of cloud-delivered information management services versus traditional on-premises IT platforms and operations for the same services.

Cloud Adoption Risk Report - Q1 2014 Cloud Adoption Risk Report - Q1 2014 As covered in the Wall Street Journal, the purpose of the report is to provide hard data on the actual use of cloud services within enterprises of all sizes. This report summarizes data from approximately 6 million users across 175 companies and 10 industries. Surprising stats include that IT teams are blocking 50% fewer low and medium risk services, and 4 of the top 10 most widely used social media services are based outside of the US.

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