CIO Insurance Summit

Insurance organizations are increasingly utilizing IT solutions to move business forward and improve client relations

A recent Gartner study has found that 48 percent of life insurers and 58 percent of P&C insurers feel that their departments lack necessary resources. In this still-fragile economy, the pressure to respond to consumer needs and new regulations, reduce cost and manage the burden of legacy systems is front and center in the CIO's mind. Departments are striving to better leverage new initiatives, which means change. And it starts at the top.

The CIO Insurance Summit will bring together C-level executives from the property and casualty, life and annuity, and health segments, along with innovative solution providers and analyst thought leaders from the insurance industry to discuss the critical technology issues affecting insurance organizations. This summit is an opportunity for attendees to share their successes, failures and new ideas in a comfortable, yet focused business setting. Attendees will discuss important issues such as data security and storage, fraud protection, asset management and more.

Beyond a mere technology conference, the summit is an interactive event packed with engaging Keynote Presentations, one-on-one Executive Exchanges, Thought Leadership workshops and CIO Case Studies. Open dialogue is encouraged throughout the event to maximize idea-sharing, while a strategic agenda drives productivity. IT end users, as the experts, choose agenda session topics to ensure that conversations are focused on technology issues and solutions that can truly change business practices. Attendees will discuss their organizations top concerns, while making key industry contacts and revitalizing existing professional relationships.

The CIO Insurance Summit is the premiere event for technology leaders and innovative thinkers in the insurance industry. The summit has been designed to maximize efficiency and offer unique insight into present and future challenges facing CIOs in the industry.

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SAP: The Way Forward: Insurance in an Age of Customer Intimacy and Internet of Things. The Way Forward: Insurance in an Age of Customer Intimacy and Internet of Things. A global survey of insurance executives sponsored by SAP was conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). “The Way Forward: Insurance in the Age of Customer Intimacy and The Internet of Things” looks at technology trends in the insurance space, uncovering a competitive threat from e-commerce companies and banks offering insurance services that are more customer-centric. In addition, the paper offers insights into underwriting changes, new types of distribution arrangements, innovative ways of interacting with customers, and more.

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